Family Planning

Preparing to have a family is a big step that changes the course of the rest of your life. You want to make sure that you are financially prepared for adding new members to your family and are able to provide the best care financially that you can. At Fortegic, we can help develop a plan to financially secure the lifestyle that you want while prepping for any changes that can come your way.

Things to Consider:

Life Insurance
Tax-Deferred Saving Strategies
Disability Insurance
Health Insurance
529/College Savings Plans
Estate Organization
Long Term Care Insurance

10 Ways your Budget Changes When Having a Child:

1. Childcare Costs
2. Health Care Costs
3. Insurance Changes
4. Saving for College
5. Life Insurance Needs
6. Changes to your Taxes
7. Adjusting your Flexible Spending Account
8. Housing Changes
9. Changes to Your Budget
10. Ongoing Lifestyle Changes