Tactical Business Protection Concepts

Owning a business is hard work. Owning a successful business is even harder. At Fortegic, we are experienced in working with business owners of all sizes and industries. We bring a team approach to financial planning services and protection for the business owner and their employees.

Distinguished Approach

At Fortegic, we have a new way of thinking. Our team works very closely with business owners to help maximize the benefits they offer to their employees and themselves. Our team approach creates new strategies and ideas that are personalized for each business to help meet their needs and to benefit the people they care about most, their employees. Happy employees and a good culture are two big keys to a successful business.

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Protect your People

As a business owner, one of your greatest assets can be your employees. Are you protecting them? What happens if you lose an employee that is integral to your operation? How are you ensuring that your business can survive if something happens?

Our team of financial professionals work with business owners to build a benefits program that is attractive to current and new employees. We focus on Key-Person insurance strategies to appropriately prepare in case of the loss of an important employee, regardless of the circumstance. For employees that are possible owners in the company, we can provide strategic retirement planning outside of traditional savings methods. We also focus on financial education and group benefits to maximize a businesses’ offering to attract new, desirable candidates.

Recruit. Retain. Reward.


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Recruiting employees that are not only good at their jobs but also do it with a good attitude is key to a successful business. Knowing what you need and being able to offer an employee an attractive package is a key to getting the people you need to make your business flourishing.


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Now that you’ve got your well-oiled machine and the great working employees, how do you ensure that they stay? At Fortegic, our team can help build a tailored benefit package that is attractive to your employees so they want to be there for the long haul. We also help guide business owners to create a desirable company culture.


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Every employee and owner wants to be acknowledged and rewarded for their hard work. Our team can help guide the business to create packages that can reward the employees in the long and short term. By bringing a new, creative approach, we can help keep your business thriving.

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