At Fortegic, we work with many different groups of individuals and couples ready to take their planning to the next step. As you change from one income to two, things change, your goals, priorities and your financial picture. We can help the most appropriate path to make sure you are prepared for your future.

Have you asked yourself:

Are you happy with where you are financially?

What are your 5-year goals?

What are the next major purchases on your horizon?

Are you concerned about protecting your growing family?

How are you planning for the retirement you want?

When do you plan to retire?

Things to Consider:

Life Insurance
Disability Insurance
Savings Strategies
Family Planning
Estate Organization
Retirement Planning
College Funding
Tax-Deferred Strategies
Charitable Giving

Tips to Prevent Financial Conflict in Couples

1. Commit to transparency

2. Understand each other’s motivations

3. Set goals- then share them

4. Have regular checkups

5. Seek help