Heidi Lucid


Heidi joined Fortegic (IFN) in February of 2017. She is the Director of Operations & enjoys interacting with staff and clients. She loves having a job that brings multiple small tasks together to complete one large goal.

Heidi works directly with the processing of paperwork for the firm and for individual agents. A large part of her job entails completing the start-up work behind acclimating a new agent to Fortegic. Heidi also oversees the daily operations of the company. No challenge is too big or small for her to tackle!


Heidi enjoys cooking, working out, and spending time outdoors. She also loves to try new restaurants in her spare time and to entertain friends and family! Heidi is a member of Crossroads Church and volunteers there.


Heidi lives in Fort Thomas, Kentucky with her four daughters: Madalyn, Molly, Maria and Makena. They also have a puppy, Arlo.

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